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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
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Izuky Photography, Mosaic

Wedding photographer in Cuba

Wedding day is, above all when we are convinced that we will share our path of life with the person we have selected, that, which will fill us with happiness and will make us feel as one. The photos of the wedding day should also be special as it will be the living memory of that day, possibly one of the most beautiful of our lives.

Izuky is a specialist in wedding photography in Cuba with a long experience in the field. In addition to his professionalism and skill, this photographer has the necessary technology for his photographs to have the deserved beauty and quality. He mixes tradition and modern times with originality giving the photos a distinctive touch.

Izuky extends his skills in the international circuit and offers destination wedding services. He knows of the best interior spaces and air to take photographs in places like Varadero, Cayo Largo del Sur and Cayo Guillermo. Havana is also one of the selected destination for Izuky. The landscape of the city submerged between the modern and tradition contributes to the wedding pictures a peculiar romanticism. As a photography professional Izuky takes advantage of these characteristics.

Making use of his knowledge on traditional wedding photography and also those that use the most current tendencies like the so called little sexy bridgethis Cuban photographer offers ideas which can be modified later to adjust tastes and needs.

Izuky has a large variety of clients, both Cubans and foreigners. The Cubans benefits with the quality and experience of his photographic work, knowledgeable in what is new in wedding photography. The clients of other countries on its part enjoy the beauties of Cuba as landscape for unforgettable photos. As a Cuban Izuky has enough knowledge on the characteristics of the landscapes and culture of the Caribbean island. This helps with technical and visual quality of his work.

He also offers his services as a photography reporter of weddings. Examples of this work are the personalized photo book and magazines he offers the clients. With this and other options you will be pleased and can relive each minute of the special moments of your wedding day.

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